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Natural Hormonal Enhancement testosterone anabolic IGF-1 HGH growth hormone insulin cortisol progestrone glucagon


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The Ultimate Strategy for Building a Championship Physique Natural Hormonal Enhancement testosterone anabolic IGF-1 HGH growth hormone insulin cortisol progestrone glucagon
  • 100% Natural
  • Completely Safe
  • Incredibly Effective

Natural Hormonal Enhancement, by Rob Faigin
(Not Available in Bookstores Anywhere in the U.S.)

  • Power-packed with 300 pgs. explaining how to eat, train, and live for
    EXPLOSIVE muscle growth and razor-sharp definition!
  • Fully documented and cited with over 400 pinpoint scientific references!
  • Based on sensational new research that is revolutionizing the science
    and sport of bodybuilding!
  • Presented in a simple, step-by-step, instructional format that anyone can
    understand and apply!


"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is phenomenal. What it preaches is absolutely true. I am living proof of the principles of this book."

Chris Berger, #4 Ranked U.S. Amateur Bodybuilder, Middleweight Division
(featured in Muscle and Fitness 6/99, pages 60-66)


"Superbly written and researched, Natural Hormonal Enhancement is must-reading for everyone interested in super-health and optimal performance."

Rick Hughes, former Mr. New Zealand and author of "Fat Attack"


"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is the bible of health and fitness. It has changed my life forever. My strength and intensity have gone through the roof, and I have achieved weights I never thought possible!"

Brian Plowman, Certified U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach


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Natural Hormonal Enhancement is supported by over 400 scientific studies, making it one of the most well-researched and well-documented bodybuilding books ever written. Although it is based on ultra-cutting-edge scientific research, the material is presented in plain, simple English that anyone can understand and follow. Natural Hormonal Enhancement takes all the mystery out of how to build a championship physique. If you are a beginner, this is the most effective way to get big, fast. If you are already a committed bodybuilder, Natural Hormonal Enhancement is exactly what you've been searching for: the key to rapid, continuous, and extraordinary gains without plateau or limit!

"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is the best resource in the world for bodybuilders aiming to build a championship physique."

Peter Klein, CEO, Sports One Inc.


"Having read Natural Hormonal Enhancement cover-to-cover (twice) I definitely agree with the doctors, scientist and bodybuilders who are calling it the most important and revolutionary book ever written on the topic of health and fitness. Powerful and comprehensive, Natural Hormonal Enhancement may truly be the closest we will ever get to 'steroid-like' results from diet and exercise. You will find this book both fascinating and extremely helpful in achieving your fitness goals."

Dan Gallapoo, Editor, "Bodybuilding for the Genetically Average Joe"

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Learn why the way you are training now may be robbing you of up to 90% of your gains! (Shocking new research shows that many bodybuilders are murdering their growth hormone and testosterone levels by "hormonally-incorrect" exercise practices. If your gains have slowed or stopped, there is a very good chance that this is the problem. Low levels of these two crucial hormones equals low or no muscle growth - it also makes it just about impossible to get that super-lean, "cut" look since testosterone and growth hormone are powerful lipolytic [fat-burning] hormones.)

How to save tons of money by making your own homemade performance/recovery drink that blows away anything you'll find in the health foods stores!

How to make the "metabolic switch" from being a sugar-burner to being a fat-burner. (You do this by activating lipolytic [fat-burning] hormones. Making the metabolic shift is the key to automatic and accelerated fat loss, and is the secret to attaining the super-defined "shredded-look," which is the hallmark of a championship physique.)

Why the prevailing notion, pushed by so many "experts," that the best way to burn fat is by low-intensity, long duration exercise is dumb, dumb, dumb. . . and how to manipulate intensity and duration to burn fat 5 times faster!

How to naturally stimulate super-high levels of anabolic hormones (IGF-1, growth hormone, and testosterone) that enable you to pack-on rippling slabs of muscle mass so fast that your friends will definitely accuse you of taking steroids! (Say goodbye to your current wardrobe and get ready to buy new clothing 3 sizes bigger!)

How to reduce the catabolic (muscle-breakdown) effect of intense training to break through "plateaus" and jet toward new heights of performance and muscle growth. (The hormonal factor here is cortisol. This hormone is a devil that literally eats-away at your hard earned muscle, constantly nipping at your gains. Learn how to keep cortisol in check and the sky's the limit for your muscle growth!)

Learn how to vastly increase the growth hormone output generated by your workout, before you even set foot in the gym! (The fact is that the composition of your pre-workout meal dramatically influences how much growth hormone is released during your workout. This is one of the simplest ways to increase the effectiveness of your workout and yet almost everyone either overlooks it or gets it all wrong.)

Learn an incredibly powerful dietary "trick" called the anabolic boost effect, which causes a simultaneous surge in insulin and growth hormone and IGF-1. (This effect is achieved through a dietary technology called "macronutrient cycling." With macronutrient cycling you will be "cycling" your intake of protein, carbohydrate, and fat as a means stimulating soaring levels of anabolic and lipolytic hormones.)

How simple, easy modifications in lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, alcohol, mental outlook, and sunlight can make a huge difference in your hormonal status!

When you eat your last meal of the day, in relation to when you go to bed, determines how much, if any, growth hormone will be secreted while you sleep. (Just think: people are paying up to $15,000 a year for this stuff [growth hormone], and merely changing when you eat can radically increase how much of this muscle-building, fat-burning hormone you produce!)

Certain foods have been shown to increase testosterone levels! (New scientific research shows that eating the right foods can give a real "shot in the arm" to your testosterone output!)

How to use an amazing dietary technology called macronutrient cycling, that changes your metabolism at the cellular level so that every cell of your body craves bodyfat for energy and gobbles it up like candy wherever it can find it. (Macronutrient cycling, which works by manipulating the drug-like effects that food has on hormones, is SO INTENSE that it is absolutely imperative that you get checked-out by your doctor before beginning this diet.)

"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a masterpiece of research combined with honest, intelligent thought. I believe it will be seen as a landmark in health and fitness literature. Sacred, long established dogmas are challenged and demolished with argument and experience backed by scientific reference. But much more than a theoretical work, Rob shows how to maximize health and fitness simply by working within the body's own hormonal systems, naturally, safely, and effectively.

You should read and act upon this book - it will quite simply change your life for the better."

Richard J. Marsh, MD., MA., BM., BCh.(Oxon), MRCGP. - Churchill Fellow


Much More Than An Informational Product

Natural Hormonal Enhancement is not merely a compilation of life-changing information. It is an instructional guidebook. Knowledge is power, but instruction shows you how to use the power.

Many fitness and health books these days are written by "ivory tower" researchers who are out of touch with how to apply scientific research to living, breathing humans. On the other hand, books written by fitness trainers are often so devoid of scientific support that they are nothing more than one person's opinion.

Natural Hormonal Enhancement bridges this gap. You will benefit from the rare combination of breakthrough scientific information and the practical experience of someone who has spent his entire adult life "in the trenches" helping real people, not laboratory rats, get in shape and improve their bodies, health, and self-image.

As a competitive bodybuilder, amateur boxer, acclaimed writer and researcher, and the world's leading authority on natural hormonal manipulation for bodybuilding and sports performance, Rob Faigin combines hardcore bodybuilding experience with hyper-advanced scientific research. His phenomenal new book - Natural Hormonal Enhancement - is taking the bodybuilding world by storm and is being called the most effective and comprehensive bodybuilding program ever developed!

Natural Hormonal Enhancement testosterone anabolic IGF-1 HGH growth hormone insulin cortisol progestrone glucagon
The Author


"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is the best book on health and fitness I have ever read. It is great to see that there are people who want to make the world healthier, not just fill their pockets with money made from phony information."

Brian Plowman, Certified U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach


From: David Hoffman, President, Fitness Systems Manufacturing Company

Dear Valued Customer:

Natural Hormonal Enhancement is not available on bookshelves anywhere in the U.S. However, because your bodybuilding success means everything to me, I have made a special arrangement that gives me exclusive rights to market this book to my customers. The reason why I have done this is simple: having read the book myself, I feel that Natural Hormonal Enhancement is CRUCIAL to your bodybuilding success.

Yes, Fitness Systems Manufacturing Company supplements are the best in the world, but the honest truth is (and I'm sure you know this), that  supplementation is only one aspect of building a championship physique. Any supplement company that tells you otherwise is just trying to get your money and doesn't care anything about your success. Proper diet, training, and lifestyle practices are imperative. Natural Hormonal Enhancement provides you with the most advanced and cutting-edge information available in all three areas. I'm absolutely convinced that this technology will help you take your physique to the "next level" - and far beyond. I've also arranged an extended trial period, so that you can review a copy of Natural Hormonal Enhancement, for up to SIX WEEKS without risking a dime. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you get from Natural Hormonal Enhancement, simply send the book back undamaged any time within 6 weeks for a prompt and courteous refund of the cost of the book. I hope this demonstrates how committed we are at Fitness Systems Manufacturing Company to your bodybuilding success. I will continue to bring you the best products in the world, because your health is my TOP priority.

Click this btnorder.gif (1081 bytes) button or call my office toll free at 1-(800) 967-1827 to reserve your copy of Natural Hormonal Enhancement. The cost is only $35.77 including S&H. For your convenience, we accept Discover, MasterCard and Visa or, if you prefer, you can send a check or money order for $35.77 to: Fitness Systems Manufacturing Company, 104 Evans Ave., Sinking Spring, PA 19608.

David Hoffman

P.S. Because of the "special deal" I made with the publisher, you have the opportunity to be among the first to gain access to this sensational bodybuilding breakthrough. However, I was only able to obtain a limited number of copies of Natural Hormonal Enhancement and they are going very fast. So, please, act right now to avoid missing-out or getting stuck on a waiting list.

P.P.S. And if you order now I will include a FREE REPORT entitled "Bioenergetic Pathways, the Mind-Muscle Connection, and Sports Training."  This report was written for professional athletes. It focuses on a tremendously promising frontier in human performance - the mind-muscle connection. The report discusses visualization, "psyching," the Holyfield Principle, and other techniques that can greatly increase the intensity of your workouts and dramatically improve your performance at any sport. You will find this report fascinating, and it can definitely help you achieve your goals


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